Pine Knick-Knack Box

This is the box a made for the 2018 Box Swap. It is made from pine and a darker wood that came from a weathered 4×4, so it could very well be pine as well. I used a stacked method of shorter and longer strips to form the box joints. I wanted to do all the work by hand but I did end up ripping the boards on the table saw. However, everything else was done by hand. I finished the box with boiled linseed oil and used Shellac for the topcoat.

I rounded the corners to prevent them from getting caught on things and splintering.
I glued two thin strips of the darker wood onto the underside of the lid to help keep it centered on the box.
Some unevenness along the edge of the box can be seen and felt. I couldn’t sand it all even without compromising the height I wanted.
I wanted to get it to a higher shine, but I think it still turned out nice.
I really like the contrasting colors and the look of the end grain on the box joints.

I enjoyed working on this project and being a part of the box swap over at Lumberjocks. The gentleman that received my box as part of the event said that he likes it and will definitely find a use for it. There were a lot of beautifully crafted and ornate boxes made for the swap. They put mine to shame! Thanks for giving this a read and I hope you have a great day.

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