Oak Hat and Coat Racks

I made these hat and coat racks to serve a specific purpose around the house. However, I also wanted to use up scraps that I had laying around my shop as well as a few other odds and ends I had. So I sized my hat and coat racks according to the scrap oak I had and how many knobs or hooks I could fit on them. I cross-cut them on the miter saw and then ripped them on the table saw. After that I used my router to put a decorative edge on them to try and spice them up a bit. I then free handed the holes, doing the best I could to keep the drill straight, they turned out pretty well. I finished them all with water-based polyurethane, about three coats each as I figured they might see some rough use from the kids. I then used a wide variety of knobs, pulls, and door stops as the “hooks.”

I used random drawer knobs I had around the shop on this one. It is my daughter’s and I thought she would like the colorfulness. The drawer pull in the center is for her headbands.
This rack is in my back entryway and features brass-plated door stops as hooks. I purchased the door stops from a Habitat for Humanity Restore a while back.
The “hooks” on this rack are also from the Habitat for Humanity Restore. I like to purchase things I find cheap because I figure I will find a use for them sometime.
Some other knobs and a double hook I had kicking around.

Overall this was a pretty simple project, which is nice to have once in a while. If I were to do it over again I wouldn’t use some of these knobs. A few of the knobs just aren’t deep enough, or are too rounded, to securely hold a hat.

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