Stanley Folding Knife – Review

I bought this folding knife to use as a marking knife for woodworking projects. A marking knife is useful because the line it strikes is more accurate than that of a pencil. I also use mine for establishing a “knife wall” when chiseling a mortise, lap joint, etc. This Stanley folding knife came to my attention in a Paul Sellers video. He thought very highly of the build quality and the price point. At the time I made my purchase the knife was only $5 on Amazon.

The knife open.
The knife closed.

Try to ignore the incredibly masculine hand in this picture and focus your attention on the right end of the knife. There is a black plastic locking mechanism that the user needs to pull out a little ways to allow the knife blade to swivel. This only needs to be done when folding the blade into the handle, not when unfolding it. I am not real keen on it being made of plastic, but at least it isn’t flimsy.

The black pull-out blade lock.

All that needs to be done to get at the guts of this tool is to back out the brass screw at one end. The casing of the knife will then pivot on the brass pin that goes through the other end. All inside parts are made of plastic, aside from the blade that is. Again, I am not keen on plastic parts because they break more easily and become more brittle over time. However, I expect to see a fair amount of plastic when I only spend $5 on a tool.

A look at the inside of the folding knife.

One of my favorite aspects of this knife is the thickness of the blade. Even though Paul Sellers recommended this knife I was still expecting it to have a flimsy blade similar to that of a utility knife. However, the blade that comes with the knife is at least twice as thick as a utility knife blade. I haven’t purchased any replacement blades yet but I know they are available. Replacing them is a very simple task and one that need not be undertaken often as the blades hold an edge quite well and are able to be sharpened.

The blade is thicker and longer than that of a utility knife.

This knife has been extremely useful and is a great buy for just $5 in my opinion. Even though the locking mechanism and guts of the knife are plastic, they do not appear to be too cheaply made. The blade is more robust than expected and is a great length for using alongside a straight edge for layout purposes. If you are interested in looking for this knife on Amazon, I have included a link here, though I noticed the price is now $7. Also, you can find replacement blades here.

Thank you for reading this review and feel free to leave any advice or opinions in the comments section below.

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