Shields For Sons – Project

These are wooden shields I made over three years ago for my two oldest sons. The round one is made of two criss-crossing layers of pallet wood with a piece of an old leather belt as the arm strap. The bolts all around are supposed to resemble the rivets that were around mideival shields. It is finished with a few coats of water based poly and is quite beefy. I used pallet would and cut the circles by laying the boards out side-by-side and tracing a large mixing bowl. Then took a jigsaw to it, later I refined the edges with some sanding.

The triangular shield is made of an old section of block board with a piece of natural pine branch as the handle. It is stained with Minwax Special Walnut and has a few coats of water based poly. I free-handed the shape on the piece of blockboard and then cut it out using the jigsaw. I refined the shape a bit with a palm sander before staining.

I wanted each of the shields to be stark contrasts of one another, sort of like my sons are of each other. The round shield is thick, heavy enough that it requires a handle and an arm strap, less maneuverable, and studded with intimidating bolts. The triangular shield is thinner, lightweight, with a single handle that allows for enhanced maneuverability.

Here is a picture of the leather strap on one and the natural pine handle on the other.

After using a coarse file to make the grooves for the pine branch to rest in, I secured the handle in place with glue and screws. A few years later and there have been no issues with the handle coming loose.

I used a coarse file to make the grooves for the pine branch to rest in.

The only thing I purchased for this project was the barn door handle seen here. I thought about making a wooden handle but was unsure if I could make one strong enough while keeping the bulk of it to a minimum.

This barn door handle is strong while not being too bulky.

These were birthday presents for my sons, who have banged them up pretty good over the years. My dad carved swords to go with these shields and my boys have had a blast swinging them around and playing pretend. Overall the cost was about $8, which was just the price of the barn door handle on the round one. You’ve got to love quality gifts at a great price!

Thank you for taking a look, if you liked this project or have some tips for me, feel free to let me know in the comment section below. I appreciate the feedback.

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