Tea Box For The Wife – Project

This is a tea box that I made for my wife a while back, over a year ago actually. It was the second box with splines that I made, it was also the last time I used them. I like splines, and they are easy to do, I just haven’t had another use for them since this box. The wood is something I couldn’t identify, but the scent reminded me of cedar, but I do know the splines are walnut.

I like the contrast of the walnut hinges and the light-colored wood.

The hinges do not match the latch because I was using what I had on hand. This was also my first time chiseling out a recess for the hinges to sit in. The chiseling went well, I just had to take my time.

Gold colored hinges paired with an antique style swing latch.

I made the box and then cut it open on the table saw, making the bottom and the lid. Something must have been misaligned or untrue somewhere because my cuts didn’t line up correctly, but I was able to sand them out a bit and it now lines up alright. The bottom, lid, and dividers are all a composite board that I painted from the bottom of an old drawer.

It holds a lot of tea!

Projects that serve a need and use up material and supplies already on hand are the most fun in my opinion. Especially if the project is to serve a need that a loved one has. Thanks for taking a look.

If you like this project or have some advice to share, please don’t hesitate to do so in the comments below. I am still a novice and need all the help I can get!

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