Bench With Storage – Project

This is the first indoor bench I ever made. I used 2×12’s for most of the construction and 1/4” plywood for the bottom. I pegged the corners with two dowels each to help prevent racking, the dowels are actually old sponge brush handles (use what you got!). I didn’t have a drill bit that fit the size of the dowels perfectly, and some of the dowels were slightly different, so the holes are a tad larger than the dowels themselves.

This bench was made without any mechanical fasteners.

The lid is a simple lift off style with a couple of pieces to prevent it from sliding around when it is in place. I prefer simple solutions that enable me to use what I already have lying around.

Lots of space for books and magazines!

The bottom is held in place by dadoes cut into the rails and legs. I like this method because it allows a little room for possible expansion and contraction and there is no hardware cost.

I didn’t paint the bottom, who looks under a bench anyway?

I finished it by painting it with a mis-tint from Ace Hardware (just $5 for someone else’s failure), and then distressing it with sandpaper. I then put a few coats of a 50/50 mixture of Shellac and denatured alcohol on it and called it finished. It isn’t the most durable topcoat, as my toddler has dinged it up a fair amount, but it has done better than I expected.

I really like the look of these legs.

The overall design is a modified version of the bench that thehomesteadcraftsman from YouTube uses with the farm table he makes. If you haven’t checked out his channel before, I strongly recommend it, he is an interesting fellow and makes a living off of his skills. He does metal engraving, knife making, woodworking, and buys properties, fixes them up and sells or rents them. He shows a lot of renovations on his channel.

Renovation channel

Woodworking and other skills channel

If you enjoyed this post or like this project, please let me know in the comments below! If you see something I could have done better, don’t hesitate to share some advice or experience in the comments.

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