Bauer 20 Volt LED Work Light – Review

About a year ago I picked up this Bauer LED work light from Harbor Freight for $14.99 (without battery). At the time Bauer was just coming out with a line of tools that included a hammer drill, compact drill, an impact driver, cordless circular saw, cordless jigsaw, drill bits, and this work light. They have since expanded that line to include many new additions, such as a cordless reciprocating saw and cordless angle grinder.

This light is small, so it isn’t suitable for lighting large areas or rooms. However, one of my favorite features of this light is its ability to pose at many different angles. It makes getting light right where you need it much easier. The head of the light has positive stops all along it’s range of motion, enabling it to stay where you want it to.

The work light has many angled positions to get the light where you need it.

The hook that folds out from inside the work light adds to the positives of this tool. It does a good job of contributing to the possible angles this light can shine at and gives the user the option of keeping surfaces free of clutter. The hook has a wide enough opening to fit over most pipes one would find in their basement, which suits me just fine. My only dig on this aspect of the tool would be how thin the hook is. It isn’t flimsy, it just isn’t as robust as I would like it to be. If the light were to get knocked down from its perch the hook might break in the fall.

The fold-out hook adds to the versatility of this work light.

The most important job a work light has is lighting up the area you need to work in. This work light may be small, but it is no slouch in the brightness department, putting out 300 lumens. It has two brightness settings that are selected by cycling through using the power button. By turning the lens of the light the user can either widen or narrow the beam of light. I personally didn’t notice much of a difference between the wide and narrow beams, but perhaps another person would. Bauer claims that the high setting will last for up to 5.25 hours and the low setting will last for up to 14.25 hours (on a 1.5 Ah battery). My experience with the light is consistent with the company’s claims.

This is the light’s brightest setting, it lights up half of my shop pretty well.

The overall durability of this tool is nothing to sneeze at. I have dropped it a number of times and it keeps right on ticking. As I mentioned earlier, the only concern I have in this area is the durability of the fold-out hook.

The light’s compact design makes it more rugged and durable.

When looking to purchase this Bauer work light, just keep in mind that it is sold as a bare tool only. If you don’t already own a cordless Bauer tool you will need to fork over $19.99 for a 1.5 Ah Bauer lithium battery. I had already bought both the Bauer compact drill, impact driver, and a spare battery, so I was able to purchase the work light without being concerned over the price of another battery.

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